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Import Project in VS Code Ubuntu 23.04

Associate III


I am using 

UBUNTU 23.04 and 

VS Code 1.78.2

Trying to import a project and cannot get either the click of "Import a local Project" or the command Shift+Ctrl P don't do anything.

Wondering if I need STM32CubeIDE installed? If so it relies on libpython7 which is not available on Ubuntu 23.04

I have install STM32CubeMX STMCUFInder stm32cubeclt but nothing at all happens in VS Code.

VS Code has always had issues with focus and prompting for open file dialog but thought I might ask here.


Associate III

So new Machine fresh install of 23.04 and we now get prompted when we

press the import button

_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000dDX0zQAG.pngBut the filter on the open file dialog is ST projects. Which I had no idea what the prompt meant as the project created in STM32CubeMX has the extension .ioc and this is not correct.

Than I remembered there was a video on how to use the extension found

_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000dDX19QAG.pngSo I am looking for .cproject. This leads me back to STM32CubeIDE.

I attempt to install it but it insists I need the 3 year old dead project libPython 2.7. I manually build Python 2.7 but the install clearly wants the dpkg and not just the software.

So I install the non debian package on my ubuntu and this does install but this crashes when you start it with an error

Reported here

And here

Guess it is an issue with wrong version of java/eclipse.

My next approach will be to look at the stm32cubeide.ini and see if I can use a different version of eclipse.

This has turned out to be really hard to do for STM32. Far harder than ESP32 or the Nano boards. Mainly because they have software but it just maybe needs some polish.

I can write Make files, and comfortable with CMake but would prefer a better solution than this. Hope this will at least let others know there are issues. Most people do not have a lot of free time so getting going makes the product far more appealing.

If I can something to work I will report it here.

If people know of something to convert .ioc to .cproject that would be helpful.

Associate III

As promised here is the issue and the fix. I merely pass this on, it was the good folks on the internet which provided this to me.

Looking at

found it was the same as my issue

Compiled method (nm)   14684 4635     n 0       org.eclipse.swt.internal.C::strlen (native)

Been here before an depressed so did not read the whole thing but this worked for me. Thanks to

mkdir /tmp/SWT-GDBusServer

Now the software starts. Not sure if it works on my stm32 as I will be re-installing my Ubuntu to be it's pristine condition it was before all of this.