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FAQ: STM32MP1 different power distribution for your application ?

There are different power supply configurations for applications based on the STM32MP1 microprocessor. What are the main STMicroelectronics application notes ?

We recommend STM32MP1 to be supplied with a dedicated ST power management IC, the STPMIC1.

STMPIC1 gathers different supplies for the need of the STMP32MP1.


The application note AN5031 Getting started with STM32MP1 Series hardware development.pdf

 presents different schematics example of platform power distributions:

STPMIC with STM32MP1 VDD IO  = 3V3 with a DDR3L

STPMIC with STM32MP1 VDD IO  = 1V8 with a LPDDR2

Power supply with discrete supplies STM32MP1 VDD IO  =  3V3 or 1V8 with DDR3L

The application note AN5260 STM32MP151-153-157 MPU lines and STPMIC1B integration on a battery powered application.pdf

provides many system information through a complete application example of STMP32PM1 and STPMIC1 interconnection.

The application ensures the low-power use-cases and is battery oriented , includes USB, battery charger, eMMC, SDcard boot devices.

AN5260 provides many information on power up/down sequences, USB management, battery charger management.


The application note AN5256 STM32MP15x Lines discrete power supply hardware integration.pdf

provides same system level information for power distribution for application that does not chose to embeds STPMIC1.


These application notes are available :

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