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STM32MP151CAA3 boot from NAND flash via FMC

Associate III


We are in a new project (first time with embedded Linux and device tree's in general) and i want to config my device (STM32MP151CAA3 on a custom board) to boot from FMC NAND flash (MT29F8G08ABACAH4-IT:) and i am having some trouble with the device tree configuration.

i am following the guidelines from the ST wiki regarding this:

The base settings i understand and the wiki refers to the following boot configuration settings (which refer to ONFI settings again) 

From here i don't understand how to add the ONFI data to the ROM code, do i need to add these settings in the device tree somewhere or are these settings uploaded via CubeProgrammer.

I also don't know if i need to add the necessary partitions on the NAND flash to the device tree or not.

The 'STM32 MPU ROM code ' page refers to the MPU flash mapping page which explains the necessary partitions, do i need to add these partitions to the kernel and u-boot device tree's? 


All help is appreciated.

Kind regards,