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How to create a linux image with the LCD-TFT (HDMI) pins disabled (STM32MP157)

Owen Murphy
Associate II

I am using an STM32MP157D-DK1 eval board, and I am looking to run a barebones linux image with the LCD-TFT pins disabled, so I can use those pins with the M4 core. Is there a pre-generated image that does not use the LCD-TFT (HDMI) peripheral? Otherwise, is there a tutorial for generating a custom linux image with some of the peripherals disable? I have device tree files that were generated using CubeMX, and I have successfully generated a linux image using Yocto and the BSP from the meta-st-stm32mp repo on github.

ST Employee

Hello @OMurp.1​ ,

To answer your first question, as to know, do we have default image that does not use the LCD screen. The answer is no. By default, we are generating example images that match with our Discovery or Evaluation board, and by default, these last ones are delivered with a screen.

I think your real need is to know, how to use the Distribution Package with your own CubeMX generation, and for this, we have the following article:

This article point on these 2 other articles that you will need:

I think that it will help you to go forward !

Kind regards,


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Owen Murphy
Associate II

Thanks Erwan, I will take a look at these.