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Drive DSI data lanes to LP-11

Associate II

Hello. I need to integrate a TI SN65DSI83 bridge with a DK2 board and one of the requirements of that bridge is to drive the data lanes to LP-11 state. What is the procedure to make that happen? I am assuming I need to make changes to dw-mipi-dsi / dw-mipi-dsi-stm drivers but that is not obvious to me at the moment. Thanks.

ST Employee

Hi @Community member​ ,

all the DSI lane manipulations are managed directly by the driver and the DSI controller. There is no need to add extra code.

Unfortunately the driver for TI SN65DSI83 is not present upstream in Linux but, rebasing the driver code in this repository, I know that other users succeeded to have the device up and running.

Associate III


I tried to convert MIPI-DSI to LVDS using SN65DSI83. It works but there is some issue.

  1. The display is shifted right side by approx. 150 Pixels (screen 1024x768).
  2. Display is working ok if I generate test pattern using MIPI-DSI test pattern generate function using command "devmem2 0x5a000038 w 0x13f01". In this case the display is not shifted. The white pattern is starting from the left and in the end it is black as it should be.

Why display is shifting in normal case?

Is there any issue in mipi-dsi kernel code.


Hi there,
Could you please share you device tree bindings for SN65DSI83? I am trying to bind it, the i2c address is occupied by the driver but I do not get the display working. could you please also tell which Display are you using.