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After upgrade to 5.0 (Mickledore) tf-a boot failure for custom image(metadata* location changed)

Associate II

Hi, All

I upgraded the image for our custom board to 5.0 last week.

Metadata1/metadata2 (metadata.bin) are on the partition as concerned in the following issue. 

As supplementary information, in my custom image, I changed the partition storage location of metadata1/2 as follows. This is for investigation whether the position of the partition can be changed, and whether it can be changed as follows.

#Opt Id Name Type IP Offset Binary
- 0x01 fsbl-boot Binary none 0x0 arm-trusted-firmware/tf-a-stm32mp157a-ev1-usb.stm32
- 0x03 fip-boot FIP none 0x0 fip/fip-stm32mp157a-ev1-optee.bin
P 0x04 fsbl1 Binary mmc0 0x00004400 arm-trusted-firmware/tf-a-stm32mp157a-ev1-sdcard.stm32
P 0x05 fsbl2 Binary mmc0 0x00044400 arm-trusted-firmware/tf-a-stm32mp157a-ev1-sdcard.stm32
P 0x06 fip-a FIP mmc0 0x00084400 fip/fip-stm32mp157a-ev1-optee.bin
P 0x10 bootfs System mmc0 0x00484400 st-image-bootfs-openstlinux-eglfs-stm32mp1.ext4
P 0x11 vendorfs FileSystem mmc0 0x04484400 st-image-vendorfs-openstlinux-eglfs-stm32mp1.ext4
P 0x12 rootfs FileSystem mmc0 0x05484400 st-image-core-openstlinux-eglfs-stm32mp1.ext4
P 0x13 userfs FileSystem mmc0 0x105484400 st-image-userfs-openstlinux-eglfs-stm32mp1.ext4
P 0x20 metadata1 FWU_MDATA mmc0 0x115484400 arm-trusted-firmware/metadata.bin
P 0x21 metadata2 FWU_MDATA mmc0 0x1154C4400 arm-trusted-firmware/metadata.bin
PED 0x22 fip-b FIP mmc0 0x115504400 none
PED 0x23 u-boot-env ENV mmc0 0x115904400 none

This is to reuse the partition configuration used by dunfell.
I am testing whether the partition area newly added in Mickledore is added in the second half of the partition area at the time of dunfell and it works or not.

Result was failed.
With this coniguration the boot fails with these messages:

NOTICE: Model: STMicroelectronics STM32MP157A eval daughter on eval mother
NOTICE: Board: MB1263 Var1.0 Rev.C-01
INFO: PMIC version = 0x10
INFO: Reset reason (0x15):
INFO: Power-on Reset (rst_por)
INFO: FCONF: Reading TB_FW firmware configuration file from: 0x2ffe2000
INFO: FCONF: Reading firmware configuration information for: stm32mp_io
INFO: Instance 1
INFO: Boot used partition fsbl1
NOTICE: BL2: v2.8-stm32mp1-r1.0(debug):lts-v2.8.6-dirty(ff0bd5f9)
NOTICE: BL2: Built : 17:57:15, Apr 21 2023
ERROR: Unable to find a metadata partition
WARNING: Failed to set reference to image id=12 (-2)
WARNING: loading of FWU-Metadata failed, using Bkup-FWU-Metadata
ERROR: Unable to find a metadata partition
WARNING: Failed to set reference to image id=13 (-2)
ERROR: loading of Bkup-FWU-Metadata failed
PANIC at PC : 0x2ffea1fb

Exception mode=0x00000016 at: 0x2ffea1fb

・Does anyone has an idea what I can do?
・Could someone advise what information in TF-A needs to be changed if the partition storage location of metadata1/2 is changed?



Jean-Marc B
ST Employee

Hi @KNono 

I did such a migration from Dunfell to Kirkstone (boot on a SDcard) and if I remember correctly, the fsbl1/fsbl2 and metadata1/metadata2 partitions must be listed in the first 6 or 7 positions of the partitions table so they can be found.

I am not so far a specialist on this topic so perhaps one of my colleagues may be better help or confirm my explanations.

Best regards,


Dear Jean-Marc B,

Thank you for your comments.

>metadata1/metadata2 partitions must be listed in the first 6 or 7 positions of the partitions table so they can be found.

I understand that the above restrictions apply. I would be grateful if you could let me know if there is an option to change the location of the partition in the future.