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Is is possible to use the 2BC CYW4373 in AP + STA Mode with the STM32MP15 processors?

Associate II

Hello, I'm trying to develop a SOM device with a STM32MP153AAB3 processor, I would like to use the 2BC CYW4373 chipset, since it's dual band wifi  module. The reason why  I want to use this chip is because I want to be able to use it as an Access point and STA at the same time (I want to connect to internet and deploy a webserver in a desire IP at the same time, for example 2.4GHz for AP and 5G for STA). The reason  why would like  a  support  in this topic is because I don't know if the brcmfmac driver is enough to perform in both modes at the same time. I also searched in the community to see if  that is possible, I found this post in another forum: .

The problem with the last post is that I'm not sure  if I can apply that to the CYW4373, because the post is about another chipset.

On the other hand, MuRata has a layer for yocto I am working with yocto, I create a personal layer for  all  the things I need.

The problem I found  is that the layer has support for NXP devices, so I don't know if that will work with the STM32MP153AAB3 processor.