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confirm perspective switch tab

Hi , I am new to this board

I got this dialog box while starting the debug session as per start up guide.


Screenshot from 2024-03-19 15-19-08.png

what should I do here?

while giving switch button, the below message came.

Screenshot from 2024-03-19 15-29-06.png

After this, what should I do?


Most people switch to the debug perspective when they are debugging, and back to the C/C++ perspective when they are not.

Looks like your code is running just fine. You can hit pause if you want, or set breakpoints, or do anything else you would normally do while debugging.

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Hi Guru,

The issues is coming again and again, I can't transfer the data from the host PC to STM32MP157D-DK1 MPU, I m following the start up guide only after the transfer of the data the it should ask SSH root password, but I struct in the same area which is mention already in previous post. Kindly give me a suggestion how I can clear this error.


 The above image should come after the debug, but I can't get this dialog box. Kindle resolve this ASAP.