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Anyone run dotnet core on STM32H7 yet?

Dat Tran
Senior II


Because dotnet core supports ARMv7, but it doesn't say much clear about ARMv7M. So, I tried to port uCLinux from STM32F7 on my custom STM32H7 board. The OS boots fine but when I ran "dotnet --version", response is "sh: ./dotnet: No such file or directory".

I run directly from the folder that contain dotnet SDK so no PATH needed, and the execute file "dotnet" is exist, with execution mode as well.

Seems dotnet is not happy with ARMv7M which is not surprised us. But if anyone is already success, or any suggestion are welcome.

Chief II

Running a Linux on a microcontroller without MMU and virtual memory support already is a very bad idea. But running a .NET on such a crippled Linux in MCU is just insane. Do you even know how a .NET works internally? It allocates and reallocates everything dynamically! Every integer is a dynamically allocated object! Even if you get it to run, not only it will be slow, it will also have problems with memory fragmentation, which means it will be totally unreliable.

GHI might be worth a look. The did a bunch of .NET and C# in recent times

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Dat Tran
Senior II

Thank @Piranha​ ,when I started this, I thought it is 1% to be sucessed, following what you are saying now it is only 0.5%, or 0.25%. Not much worry because it is just my home project.