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Use flash memory area between (origin + length) and Wireless Coprocessor Binary start address

Associate III

The STM32WB5 has 1M of flash memory. The default linker script shares this 50:50 between main and second core (LENGTH = 512K), meaning flash ends at 0x0808 0000 (page 128) for the main core.

But the wireless binaries don't necessarily start right at the 50% mark, but often quite a bit higher up in memory. E.g. the stm32wb5x_BLE_Stack_full_fw.bin starts in current version at 0x080C E000 (page 206), meaning there are 78 unused pages in between.


Is it a reasonable approach to use this memory area for other purposes like EEPROM emulation and the like? Or is there some disadvantage with that?