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STM32WLE55CC Class C LoRaWAN multicast setup with Chirpstack

Associate II

I am trying to  implement a multicast LoRa Class 'C' network using the STM32WL.using Chirpstack.

I have created multicast group in Chirpstack and i am sending messages from chirpstack using


But I am not getting any multicast messages to LoRa node. Is any setup/initializations required to at LoRa Node.

I have tried in ABP and OTAA  modes. Is there any example to setup LoRaNode for multicast reception with Chirpstack. please let me know if there is any example for multicast. I don't require FOTA.



Kind regards


ST Employee

Hello @AJ.2 

There is not such an example. If you want to do it, you just have to follow the LoRaWAN Class C specifications and implement it on your end node and Gateway configurations.

Best Regards.


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