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STM32WL NVIC_SystemReset issue.

Associate II

Dear ST,
We found that when we execute NVIC_SystemReset(); there will be a random CPU hang. In order to eliminate the problem of whether it is developed for our program,
I used the lorawan at slave routine, and after compiling it directly,
When I execute the ATZ command, it will reset the module. It may succeed the first time, but it will almost hang the CPU the second time.
I am using SDK V1.3 version.
Please tell me how to solve this problem.

ST Employee

Hello @Weili 

Could you please provide more details about your use case, the hanging scenarios,... So, the Community contributor may help you. From your description, such a behavior should be solved using the NVIC_SystemReset().

Best Regards.


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Is this on some custom board?

Are you driving or connecting the NRST signal to anything else?

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