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Hi , I am working with STM32WB55RG-NUCLEO board. I've managed to upload the BLE_Stack_Full_FW and then when I try the example codes for BLE on my board, I can see the BLE advertising on my ST BLE ToolBox.

However, when I try to follow the ST's youtube videos and other tutorials for creating a new project by hand, I follow these steps below:

  1. Create a project for  STM32WB55RG-NUCLEO board with or without the default settings and open IOC file.
  2. System Core -> Activate HSEM
  3. System Core -> Activate IPCC (with both interrupts active)
  4. System Core -> RCC -> HSE & LSE set to "Crystal/Ceramic Res."
  5. Timers -> RTC -> Activate Clock Source and set WakeUp to "Internal WakeUp" (with interrupt active)
  6. Connectivity -> RF -> Activate RF1
  7. Middleware and Software Packs -> STM32_WPAN -> Activate BLE
  8. STM32_WPAN -> BLE Applications and Services -> Custom Template enabled, others are disabled
  9. STM32_WPAN -> BLE Advertising -> Include AD_TYPE_COMPLETE_LOCAL_NAME_ELEMENT set ti Yes and NAME set to STM32
  10. STM32_WPAN -> BLE GATT -> Number of services set to 1 and Service long name and short name set to "mySrvc"
  11. STM32_WPAN -> mySrvc -> Number of characteristics set to 1
  12. STM32_WPAN -> mySrvc -> Characteristic1 general ->  both names set to "myChrctrstc"
  13. STM32_WPAN -> mySrvc -> Characteristic1 properties -> CHAR_PROP_NOTIFY set to Yes, others No
  14. STM32_WPAN -> mySrvc -> Characteristic1 permissions and GATT events -> All set to No
  15. Clock Configuration -> RTC/LCD Source Mux and RFWKP Clock Mux selected LSE

Then in the tutorial videos people upload this project to the board and BLE advertising can be seen on ST BLE ToolBox but when I upload this project I cant see it.

I need help and it is a bit urgent. Thank you.

ST Employee

Hello @rehxes and welcome to the ST Community 😊.

can you share the Resorces you used to implement this application. Also, I suggest you start your project from one of the STM32CUBEWB examples. Also, you can create your project from scratch on CubeMX  using this step-by-step WIKI.

For more help, can you provide more details (debug traces,...) to make your problem easy to understand.

Best regards.


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