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STM32WB15 test BLE Tx in custom hardware

Associate II

Hello, I'm Marco, HW developer.

Scenario: two Nucleo WB15CC transmit both a sawtooth into the Nucleo WB55 USB dongle with BLE protocol. With a proper SW we can see the two sawtooth in the GUI. 

The Nucleos WB15 should be replaced with custom HW with small size and few components.

Omitting details I can say the HW is not working with the same firmware, so I need to test the HW in other way.

Can you suggest me something to test BLE transmission and if the mcu is running?

The firmware is written with Keil and debug is not running properly for some reason, and I don't have enough SW skills, so I need a more simple way to see if mcu is transmitting data.