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Need to know about the reason for elimination of existing custom P2P Handlers while extending Bluetooth Profile ( addition of custom services) using Cube MX code generator


We have been trying to extend the service over P2P server BLE application . We are trying to add custom template to the existing P2P server project for Bluetooth. When we add custom template through cube Mx generator , the existing line is getting deleted from appl_ble.c

  1. P2PS_APP_ConnHandle_Not_evt_t handleNotification; this line is getting deleted from appl_blle.c
  2. Some of the events are added to the same file like EVT_BLUE_GAP_KEYPRESS_NOTIFICATION, EVT_BLUE_GAP_PASS_KEY_REQUEST

and these events are already existing.

and hence we are getting build errors. We cannot extend existing Button and LED project to add new services

We have to bypass existing service Button and LED service and then to continue with new custom service which is added by Cube MX.

We would like to know the reason for elimination of P2PS_APP_ConnHandle_Not_evt_t handleNotification; in appl_ble.c .