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My first project with STM32WB5MM-DK

Associate III

I received my first STM32WB5MM-DK.

Reeded  AN5289 first 104 pages to understand the architecture of the examples.

And watched this youtube playlist "STM32WB Getting Started Series".


So after importing the Heart Rate example with cubeIDE (Version: 1.14.1) it worked, but after re-generating the code via cube the code cant compile.

I even tried to start from scratch and set the IOC (uploaded to this post) with STM32_WPAN (rf, rtc, sys...), all compiled but no advertise received via phone app.

Used with: STM32CubeWB Firmware Package V1.18.0


Uploaded the IOC, if support can please check out the configuration and find what is wrong.

Or, There is updated guide to use the latest platform?

ST Employee

Hello @netanelu 

As a first steps, I suggest you refer to this wiki to understand how to generate an example from scratch using the CubeMX.

Best Regards.


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