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Inquiry on Minimum Delay Between Two Messages Using STM32WB's BLE LL Driver Stack


Dear ST Support Team,

I am currently working on a project involving the STM32WB series microcontroller and its BLE_LL capabilities. In a previous project, we utilized the BlueNRG proprietary stack and achieved a minimum delay of approximately 250 microseconds between two messages.

For the STM32WB, we are planning to use the BLE LL (Link Layer) driver stack. Could you please provide information on what the minimum delay between two consecutive (non_BLE) messages is when using this stack? What is the minimum time what can be reached by tweacking? Understanding this will help us in optimizing our application's performance and ensuring seamless communication.

Additionally, any guidance on configuring the BLE LL stack to achieve the shortest possible delay would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to your valuable input.

Best regards,


It would be very helpful if you can provide the following information:

  1. Receiving two different LL messages: What is the shortest possible delay we can expect between the reception of two consecutive LL messages? (e.g., 1 byte payload)

  2. Sending two LL messages: Similarly, what is the minimum delay for transmitting two consecutive LL messages? (e.g., 1 byte payload)

Thanks for your support.

ST Employee

Hello @Max_Mustermann 

I suggest you add more details about your need (what you mean when you say "non_BLE" messages?, what is your specific project,...). For now, you can look at the UM2804 to understand more about the BLE_LLD.

Best Regards.


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