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I am using stm32WB55, I referred example code of "BLE_HeartRateFreeRTOS". Few application specific tasks i added. In some cases if I add few statements in any of RTOS Task simply BLE don't initialize.

Associate II

I am putting all application tasks in block state until successful BLE initialization, still if I add some statements or simply osDelay() in any of task, BLE is not getting on. The code execution is not even reaching to specific statement still why it effects on BLE initialization?

I tried to Debug both (success and failure ) case and find one difference, when BLE initialization succeed "IPCC_C1_TX_IRQHandler" this interrupt routine get called , and when fails it wont get called. As this event might be generated by cpu-2 I was not able to further explore. I am able to initialize BLE by some sequence and delay adjustment. But is there any logical & reliable way to overcome this? What can be the root cause behind this behavior?