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How to reset the P-Nucleo-WB55 to original and what are the possible problems with the sample code (BLE_HeartRate)?

Associate II

I am new to this area and I just bought two P-nucleo-wb55 boards. When I used the p2p server example, it can work properly and I am able to use my phone to control the on/off of the led. However, when I tried with another sample 'BLE_HeartRate', it can build properly but after I click debug, LED6 become red forever and I can no longer connect to the device anymore. I have also tried to look at it with st-link unity and stm32 targe information becomes always "Detection Failed" after the program 'BLE_HeartRate' is input.

I have tried with both boards and they have the exact same problem after clicking debug with 'BLE_HeartRate', so I guess it must be something wrong with this example.

But the main problem lays in how can I recover my boards to their original state or if the mcu are already damaged and unrecoverable. I had tried to connect the boot 0 to 3V but nothing seems to happen.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

ST Employee

Hi @MX.1​ ,

I am not sure that STM32WB is supported by STLink Utility. Did you tried with STM32CubeProgrammer?


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I have tried with STM32CubeProgrammer and it has the same situation, it is able to see the st-link configuration but unable to connect to the stm32wb chip showing "Error: No STM32 target found!"

Associate II