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Hello everybody I have a question regarding stm32l072 stop mode power consumption. The project uses the Lora Murata module CMWX1ZZABZ that contains a stm32l072czyx.


There is not any RTC alarm, the micro is put into stop mode an wakes up only when a pushbutton is pressed. All the interrupts except the pushbutton line are disabled and the other pins are put in analog mode.

Everything works fine, it goes into stop mode and wakes up when it should but I noticed that after approximately 2 minutes at a current around 1,5 microampere , the consumption jumps to 70 microampere and then remains stable. 

The microcontroller remains in Stop mode also when the current consumption rises to 70uA ; to confirm that I put a trap consisting in a blinking led when it comes out of STOP. 

I can not imagine why the current increases when the mcu is in stop mode.

Any help or comment/question is appreciated

Thanks, Mauro