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TouchGfx code get stuck

Associate III


Currently, i am working on TouchGfx.But my code gets stuck in the first execution of MX_TouchGFX_Process. 



I use external RAM and Waveshare 7-inch TFT display.

@Piranha  Could please help me to resolve the issue?

Chief II

Yes, I can help - learn using the internet and forums!

  1. You have to research the topic before you post something non-informative and useless on forums.
  2. You are not more important than other users, therefore you must not nudge the top users.
  3. You should at least look at whom you are nudging and why. I have almost zero knowledge about TouchGFX!
  4. You cannot do complex projects without learning how things work.
  5. You cannot learn how things work by just clicking CubeMX, watching videos and copying broken bloatware.
  6. You can learn how things work by reading the datasheets, manuals and developing your own code.
  7. If you are a beginner, start here: