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STM32H747-Disco examples for LCD Tear Event Interrupt not triggering


Hi Community,

This is my first post and sincerely hope someone can offer any help or advise please.

I am working with a new STM32H747-DISCO board and need to use the Tear Effect interrupt to synchronize DMA2D transfers with screen updates (to stop flickering on the MB1166 LCD). I've tried both of the examples available within the STM32 CubeH7 Firmware Package available in the link below. I believe this to be latest version and it adds support for the NT35510 LCD controller (thank-you @MOEZBEJ:(

The two examples are /Examples/LCD_DSI/LCD_DSI_CmdMode_TearingEffect and /Examples/LCD_DS/LCD_DSI_CmdMode_TearingEffect_ExtPin. I have tried using the OTM8009A and NT35510 Controller drivers. Everything builds correctly but I cannot get the HAL_DSI_TearingEffectCallback() function to assert in main.c. All of the other examples do work if the NT35510 is selected.

My 'Rev A' LCD is labelled MB1166-A03 A225300655 which I'm assuming uses the NT35510 (both controllers are very similar)?

Has anyone had this TE interrupt working (either by external pin or over DSI link) and am I missing something obvious?



Douglas MILLER
ST Employee

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