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Something useful: shortcut file for navigation joystick on the MB1818 display expansion.

Associate III

Good news for new-comers to TouchGFX!


If you use MB1818 (X-NUCLEO-GFX02Z1) for your NUCLEO kit, you'll find it tiring to make quick and convenient button controls cuz there is no shortcut files for its navigation joystick. However, X-NUCLEO-GFX01M2 has a shortcut button control file from ST, and it's pretty convenient to use. TouchGFX on Low Cost Hardware | TouchGFX Documentation

That's why I wrote this file.

When you import this file into your project (details can be seen in the README file), you can immediately get your hands on interesting button interactions, as smooth as official files can do!

So how to use it? Just follow the same steps in the documentation page above to call the buttons!

Notice: This file was tested on NUCLEO-H563ZI + X-NUCLEO-GFX02Z1. For other compatible boards, you may have to modify the code...but not too much! Only minor adjustments!

ST Employee

Thank you very much for your contribution to the community!


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