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setup stm32u59 without touchgfx imported example

Associate III

Hi, I'm using an STM32U5 DK and I'm comfortable with TouchGFX and its code generation features. However, I'm struggling to achieve the same results manually, as there are many changes in both hardware configuration and TouchGFX files. Can anyone guide me on how to display plain colors or anything on the DK screen without using code generation, just through hardware configuration and LCD initialization? Any help or resources would be greatly appreciated!

ST Employee

Hello @Anassoumi ,

For that, you can refer to the documentation, the board bring up part : 3. Display with framebuffer in internal RAM | TouchGFX Documentation.

I hope it helps,


ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

I've followed all the required steps, and from a hardware initialization perspective, everything seems correct—I've even aligned it with the example project in TouchGFX Designer, except for the OctoSPI initialization for MX25UM51245G. My goal is simple: to display an image using TouchGFX with the framebuffer in RAM. However, there are notable differences in the TouchGFX code; for instance, several files require manual adjustments, such as turning on the backlight from the initialization function in TouchGFX code among other changes. The guide doesn’t really explain how to set up the DSI display till it actually display things with touhchgfx. I'm using an STM32U59JDK board with a MIPI DSI 2-lane configuration. I can display colors using the LTDC and manipulate it via my framebuffer, but it doesn’t seem possible with TouchGFX. I'll share my configuration—please let me know if there’s anything that needs fixing.