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How to Synchronize LTDC with DMA2D to fetch data from SDRAM?

Associate II

Hi Everyone.

I am trying to integrate Bare LCD with stm32f429 Disco board with the help of TouchGFX Documentation and LTDC application notes.

In LTDC Application notes, the syncronization pattern generated with the interrupt at Vsync of last line, and swap the frames by using the following function:

  virtual void backPorchExited()





I also generate the code from TouchGFX for the integrated LCD of stm32f429 to get some idea about the pattern but it is really very confusing for me to understand.

Can anyone please guide me that how can I integrate this LCD with this board.

Panel specification is 800*480 resolution.

ST Employee

Hello @DaniBros​ ,

I don't really understand what you are trying to do, can you please provide more information ?

  • Are you using CubeMX ?
  • What do you mean by "Bare LCD" ?

Otherwise, usually if you just connect the display and use CubeMX to configure LTDC, everything should run after generating code.


ST Software Developer | TouchGFX