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CubexMX + ST7701: Need help with SPI display init


Hello everybody,


This is my first time posting on that forum and also first time using CubeMX+CubeIDE+TouchGFX. I am a bit oldschool and come from older PIC and newer Microchip/Atmel SAMD MCUs.

I started early last year playing with the STM32U5A9J-DK that I got from Embedded World. Then I designed a custom board using the 599 LQFP100, as I only need a few gpios for the TFT and I2C for some sensors.

I decided to implement also the OctoSPI that cames with the kit onto my design.

Long story short, I am not able to show anything on my screen, that uses the ST7701SN driver. Before posting, I spent around 10 days looking to this forum, and init code/libraries for this driver IC, however, no luck. I tried some SPI init codes I found here on this forum, but still the same, nothing. I tried SPI 9 bits and custom gpio init, no luck with both.

As I am quiote new on this STM32 world, I am not 100% sure that I did the configuration correctly, but I think I did, enabling DMA2D, GPU2D, LTDC with proper (I guess) config, X-Cube free rtos, and TouchGFX.

I am also a bit confused about the way the rtos manages all the functions and routines, so maybe I am missing something as this is also my first time using a rtos.

I am also a bit confused about the LTDC config, as my display is RGB666/RGB565, but if I do select those display types, I loose the configuration pins that I have. The only way to have them correctly is selecting RGB888. Is that correct? Then I have selected 565 under the Layer Settings.

I am abnle to build everything, no errors, also I put an interrupt blinking a led, it works, so the system is running. I also did the setup for the clocks and pixel clock, however I think I am missing something here!

Recently I saw a video where looks like I do need to put some code/functions in the TouchGFXHAL.cpp, is that correct too? 

The first thing I want to do is to confirm the HW is okay and to init the display just in Red or any other color, I dont care, or draw some lines. then I will mess with the TouchGFX stuff.

I will wait until somebody may shares some init code/project with me, if not, I will post all my config here, so you may can help me. I would really appreciate it a lot!


Thank you very much!