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Building TouchGFX project results in "fatal error: videos/VideoDatabase.hpp: No such file or directory"

Associate II
  1. In TouchGFX (4.20), started a project from scratch using STM32H747i-EVAL. The actual target hardware is the STM32H757i-EVAL.
  2. Able to display an image on the target with no problem.
  3. Added a Video widget to the canvas.
  4. Selected the sample "Sample Video 1 Large 800x480" for widget.
  5. For the Simulator, am able to build and run the video.
  6. When trying to run the video on the hardware (Run Target) the build is unsuccessful. I get the following error:

    CM7/TouchGFX/generated/gui_generated/src/screen1_screen/Screen1ViewBase.cpp:6:10: fatal error: videos/VideoDatabase.hpp: No such file or directory

     #include <videos/VideoDatabase.hpp>


Using the .ioc file, I have rebuilt the project with the CubeMX, but still get the same issue.

ST Employee


To work with the video widget you also need to enable either software or hardware decoding in the TouchGFX Generator in your STM32CubeMX project (.ioc file). You can find more information in the online documentation on how to do this in the Video decoding article.

However I have some doubts about if the video decoding actually works on dual core boards like the STM32H747 eval. For sure the current version of the TouchGFX Board Setup for this board does not initially support it.