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Key Storage feature - STSAFE-A110


Hi all,

I was hoping someone could advise me on the key storage feature of the part number STSAFE-A110 (STSAFA110S8SPL02).

We have a device in the market-place at present which is currently undergoing a redesign. The device itself is a network security orientated product, to which we would like to add en/decryption.

In order to ensure our device can be updated in the field, and during the process of development, we were hoping the 16-slot secure key storage fields that the ATSAFE-A110 offers, would be a rewritable area of memory, or is this memory bank one-time-programmable (OTP) only?

Should the key storage only be OTP; can this device be used to encrypt/decrypt data when provided with a key from an MCU, to lessen the processing load of the MCU?

Or does ST offer any devices that could perform such a role?

Many thanks for taking the time to read this, and kind regards,


Benjamin BARATTE
ST Employee

Hi @JoshHomerston ,


Thanks for the interest of the STSAFE-A110 product.

With STSAFE-A110, the symmetric use case is limited to the key storage with the Local Envelop method.

In that case, the keys are secured by STSAFE-A110 but used by the MCU for encryption/decryption.


For the time being, the only secure element that allow to do such operation is TPM product ST33KTPM2X


Best Regards,