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Can x-cube-sbsfu use hardware decryption?

Associate II

I'm using H753 which has hw crypto, and was hoping to improve the sbsfu execution time (e.g. time to validate FW header at start tup) by enabling hw crypto. 

However HAL_CRYP_MODULE_ENABLED doesn't do anything. I looked through the integration guide and starter doc for the sbsfu, the only place talking about hardware decryption is 7.2 in an5056, "implementing a hardware decryption" by "Select STM32 devices integrating cryptographic hardware IP", but no detail guide was provided.

Is it possible to enable sbsfu to use hardware crypto acceleration? Or that will require a major customization effort in the SECore?

Jocelyn RICARD
ST Employee

Hello @JQiao.1 ,

I confirm that X-CUBE-SBSFU is only using software cryptography.

To implement hardware accelerated crypto you need to replace the software implementation by hardware  in se_crypto_bootloader.c

Best regards