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Where can download All available Libries in STM 32 ?


Hello Experts I am beginner in STM32 , I have a old Discovery STM32 board , I want do some project, Now I require some already availabe libraires ,I dont know where can i get it ?

Help me to findout ?

ST Employee

Hi @thannara123​,

I think the easiest is to download CubeMX, install it, and then select the libraries and packages you want from the tool.

STM32CubeMX - STM32Cube initialization code generator - STMicroelectronics



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"Old Discovery"

Which one? The STM32F100 VL-Discovery board is deprecated at this point, the ST-LINK/V1 is not supported with drivers or tools at this point.

It would have had primary examples using the SPL.

Newer HAL and CUBE implementations exist, but support for the really old board is likely to be scant.

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