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TrueSTUDIO: How to use SWD port 1 - M33 (instead of default port 0) ?

Lead II


The STM32H5 use SWD port 1 for flash/debug  (other old families as F4, F7, G0, G4...) uses port 0.

I can compile the code for M33 with TrueSTUDIO, but I can't flash the application because I don't know how to specify the port number.

I couldn't find how to do it in the eclipse configuration windows, nor in the MCU description files.

Did I look wrong?




Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Install this little update to the TrueSTUDIO and enjoy?



Thank you @Pavel A. !

CubeIDE isn't a TrueStudio update but a completely different product...

Unfortunately the CubeIDE debugger does not work on any of my PCs, and the support seems to have abandoned me:

Until now there is no solution for me with CubeIDE and I use TrueSTUDIO to be able to work...

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

>CubeIDE debugger does not work on any of my PCs, and the support seems to have abandoned me

This is very strange, as the CubeIDE debugger works well enough for most people. Unless you have a MAC or unsupported Linux - then just get a normal Windows PC and a good supported ST-LINK adapter. If nothing else helps, try to open a support request.


Yes it's very strange: TrueSTUDIO and CubeProgrammer work very well but not CubeIDE.

And I can't figure out what's specific to CubeIDE, for example:

- does it use a particular USB driver that's incompatible with previously installed drivers?

- Does the problem come from GDB?

- Does the problem come from another software between GDB and STLINK hardware?

The software architecture implemented is not clear to me, therefore not easy to diagnose. And I can't find a troubleshooting manual for this kind of problem.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

So many unknowns and moving parts call for a heavy and blunt tool. Borrow for a quick test a new pristine PC with a supported Windows version (latest Win10 or win11) and no any corporate "security" crapware installed.