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Strange screen behavior when audio start




I'm using STM32H735G-DK.

I coded audio output with sine wave while referencing to the example code(\STM32CubeIDE\STM32CubeH7-master\Projects\STM32H735G-DK\Examples\SAI\SAI_AudioPlay).

When I start audio, line out could output the sine wave correctly. But the touch panel screen shows strange behavior.

1. screen goes strange in the moment (like out of sync.)

2. continued from above, screen shows strange circle mark at the position around the connector connecting LCD and CPU board.

circle mark isn't cleared by stopping DMA sending with HAL_SAI_DMAPause(&hsai_BlockB1).

So I guess this is not the electrical noise but something relating to software.

This can be cleared only when reset button is pushed.

How could I solve this problem?

Or, could you provide the sample code of audio play with showing some screen?