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STM32H745 LTDC Interface


Dear STM community,

We are using a STM32H745 microcontroller interface with 1280 x800 TFT lvds display.

RGB data from controller LTDC data convert through SN75LVDS83 ic and LVDS data fed to tft display.

we are facing a issue in pixel format which is not update in 0 degree rotation  with ARGB8888 format.

also we observe that 180 degree rotation with ARGB8888 format , we got clear resolution and no any corrupted pixel shown.

we are using STemWin graphics library.

Please suggest 0 degree rotation format with ARGB8888 color format.

Please find an attachment a jpg image of 0 degree rotation screen.


ST Employee

Hi @D6 

It is possible that the pixel format is not being properly converted or transmitted to the TFT display. To troubleshoot this issue, you may want to try the following suggestions inspired from AN4861:

  1. Check the LTDC and are properly configured for the desired pixel format and rotation.

  2. Try using a different pixel format or rotation to see if the issue persists. For example, you could try using a different color format such as RGB565 or a different rotation angle.

If you suspect that the LTDC GPIOs are not running at the maximum operating speed, you may need to adjust the LTDC configuration or the clock settings of the microcontroller to ensure that the GPIOs are running at the desired speed. 

Regarding the attachment, many factors can lead to a bad visual effect, you can try some checks



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