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STM32H7 USB Audio as USB device class


Hi everyone,

in my latest PRJ, i had to run some arbitrary waveforms. The idea was to connect my STM32H7 to the host and configure it as USB audio device. As far as good...the problem is that i had to drive 60kSps (16Bit). So since i've read on the X-CUBE-USB-AUDIO description, that sampling rates up to 96kHz/24Bit are possible, but from the CUBE device configuration there is the limit to 48kHz.

Is this just a CubeMX thing and i can configure my USBD_AUDIO_FREQ to 60000?

Thank you!


Which interface, SPI/I2S, or SAI?

How do you intend to clock it? What does RM say about the given peripheral's capabilities/clock generation?

If you want to  rely on CubeMX, you just have to accept what it has to offer.



2 PWM H-bridges will be updated with that. I'll try to possible use the USB-Audio driver in a non audio project 😉