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stm32h7 receive audio over udp


hi, that's the first time a i wrote to this comunity because i'm stuck with this *** problem since one week right now, i made a custom board with stm32h750vbt6 , 4 stereo audio dac and 2 4ch audio adc, eth phy , clock gen ic and etc.. now my idea was to send and receive audio over udp unconnected socket. since i've allredy made the pc app, audio driver etc... and this i'm sure that function because i've already tested in local netwwork with multiple pc and different device. i made also the fw for this board, tested all the component and work everithing perfectly fine (the dac work the adc work ETHERENT WORK FINE !) i'm sure about. i've tryed using freertos, bsd socket, netconn, raw api, no OS and raw api and so on... the resul it's always the same: i'm able to send the audio over udp and the receiving app work fine BUT i'm not able to receive the audio and play it correctly! , the udp packet arrive but when i fill the buffer, (no data corruption i checked) the output is distorted so my question is : whats the usual method for fill the sai buffer and play it correctly? i've already tried all the SAI method for trasmitting, i've already tried circular buffer for received data (udp packet), additional circular buffer for sai transmitt data, sync the task start, sync the packed received, i've end all the possible ideas