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STM32F769 Discovery touch panel part number for replacing it

Alex Gab
Associate III

Hello to everyone,

recently I've got STM32F769I-DISCO board with B-LCD40-DSI1 that contains 4" LCD and touch panel. But it hasn't been a single day that I knocked over the board and broke the touch panel so it doesn't work now. So now I'm searching for a new touch panel to replace the broken one. User manual (UM2033) contains schematics with information about different parts of the B-LCD40-DSI1 board with their part numbers (LCD, connectors etc...), and also there is an information about touch controller, but I didn't find something about touch panel itself. Of course I understand that it is probably a custom modification made for ST, but maybe anyone knows something about at least a manufacturer or compatible parts for ordering?

Thanks for your time.



Not to discourage you, but the labeling as "evaluation board" and the low price suggests that production and logistics is not prepared for customer spare parts. Getting a new bord might be faster and cheaper.

But you might try.

Alex Gab
Associate III


the price of the B-LCD40-DSI1 is approx. 4000 RUB which is approx. 60 USD. Average prices of 4" touch panels is less than 10 USD (aliexpress etc...). If only we knew what of those touch panels is compatible to that on the board (at least with the same or compatible i2c controller)...

From the F469I-DISCO BOM (same display integrated rather than on carrier board)

KOD KM-040TMP-02-A

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Alex Gab
Associate III


I'll have a look at this. Thanks for your time. Spasibo.