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STM32F469 - Execute code from QSPI Externa NOR Flash


I want to interface N25Q.. External NOR flash with STM32F469. Where I want to load and execute the code from N25Q External flash memory using QSPI memory mapped mode.

Is this solution is Possible?

If yes, from where I can get support?


I can able to program the External Flash. Code working fine after reset from reset switch. But unable start my application in debug mode. I got below errors. Please help.



If you using IAR, you can use the "debug without attach" function. For CubeIDE you can search for the samed function button.

You'd likely need debug scripts to bring up the pins, peripheral and map the memory for 0x90000000 to be accessible. I'm using different tools.

The most practical approach is to bring up a working system in the code on Internal FLASH.  This should say bring up the clocks, PLL, external memories, etc, a process you DON'T repeat in the application code that's running from the external memory. The ARM model is for the code in SystemInit() to bring up a viable system. In Keil I can make equivalent code that peeks/pokes the hardware registers to achieve the same in a DEBUG.INI file.

With a loader app running in Internal Flash you place the break-point at the point at which everything is ready to transfer control to the External Flash application, you can stop at the break-point and step it across the transition, and view the memory at that point.

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