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STM32F4 bricks sometimes


I’m trying to create a CMake build for an STM32F4. Everytime I flash the CMake build the device gets bricked. When I do a full chip erase and flash again with a working binary, it still doesn’t work. Note that this second binary was working before but won’t work after  flashing the CMake build. My build has a boot loader by the way, so what happens is that we jump from the boot loader to the main program but nothing happens. I’m confused as to why even though I erase the chip this doesn’t work normally immediately, I have to keep disconnecting and connecting the ST-LINk then it works randomly.


Not sure we can magically infer a reason from your described behaviour.

Sure it's not running? Not off somewhere dying silently in a while(1) loop?

Is this a custom board? Is BOOT0 pulled low?

If you break in the debugger where is it stopped/stuck?

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