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Associate II

we can using stm32 to set the code for user, but in future we have communicate with wireless method (internet)to upload new code for any other update, how it work, please assist us.


To perform a self-OTA update, you must set up a server that hosts the new firmware image and add OTA support to your ESP32 firmware. You can then configure the ESP32 to check the server for new firmware updates periodically, and when a new update is available, the ESP32 will download it from the server and install it.

Have you ever left your home keys under a potted plant, thinking it would be safe there? But then you realize the pot is in plain sight and is the first place a thief would check if they were trying to rob you. Finding a more secure spot for your spare key and taking other precautions helps safeguard your home and all its valuable possessions.

Like our physical homes, our Internet of Things (IoT) security  devices have critical information and data. IoT security provides solutions to protect smart devices from unauthorized access or manipulation. IoT security software offers users a secure data pipeline to connect, manage, and store data with minimal risk.