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Remove Readout protection on STM32F767 using SPI1 does not work


Hi all,

I try to remove the readout protection on a F767 by using a Host processor which communicates through SPI with the F767. I followed the instructions from AN2606 & AN4286 and if the Readout protection is not set, all the commands are executed as expected by the F767 bootloader.

According to AN4286, if the Readout protection is set, only a limited set of commands (including Readout Unprotect command) are supported, which makes sense. Nevertheless this command Readout Unprotect: 0x5A+0x92+0x6D does not work when the Readout protection register is set to 0x55. I have tried also the other commands such as Get ID / Version which should work with the Readout protection set, and they don't.

The boot0 pin is set to 1 all the time.

Am I missing some additional settings to make the F767 bootloader communicate on SPI, if the Readout protection is set?

Thank you!



Any thought on this one?

I would appreciate any help on this one.

Thank you!