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LVDS display interacting with STM32 LTDC

Associate II

I am trying to interface a 7" LCD-TFT screen that uses LVDS for its interface. I was wondering if the LTDC on the STM32F439 or STM32F469 could be used with the LVDS interface? 


Most likely your display can't be interfaced with the 2-lanes-only MIPI DSI interface, but you can use the RGB interface and use a RGB to LVDS converter IC. Read more here:

Would it be possible to display a simple UI that displays outputs from sensors with the 100-pin package STM32F439 and a 7" LCD screen, 1024X600 resolution, that uses a HX8282 LCD controller using  a LVDS converter? I am also planning on having a SDRAM chip for the framebuffer and was wondering what type of memory interface and size I would need to interact with the microcontroller or is the framebuffer not needed with the LVDS interface?


The STM32 Data Sheet should be indicative of whether there are sufficient pins for an RGB interfaced display. The STM32 here isn't using an LVDS connection.

For a MIPI-DSI display you're going to need an STM32 that supports that interface.

For displays without their own frame buffer, you'll need to provide that.

For a 1024x600 display you'll need 1.2MB for a 16-bit colour depth, 1.8MB for 24-bit colour depth.

I think most of the applications driving RGB panels and SDRAM are going to take at least 144-pin parts.

For a 1024x600 panel, and STM32H7, perhaps look at the ART-PI board. It's the size of a credit card, and has an ST-LINK on-board.

Without some foundation and experience, I'd be cautious about jumping into board design.

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