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Low power using ST-Link to Power Nucleo-144


I trying to program a nucleo-144 L496GZ-P board which has been split from the st-link. I've connected the SWD pins as instructed in the user manual (SWD1 -> 3v3, SWD2 -> SWCLK (CN11 P15), SWD3 -> ground, SWD4 -> SWDIO (CN11 P13), SWD5 -> NRST (CN11 P14)). Additionally, I am trying to use the J1 pins for power by connecting them to 3v3 and ground. When connected to a laptop I am able to view the contents of the connected microcontroller and LD6 is on (green) (indicating 5v power availability) and LD8 is green and LD3 is red. However, when I connect to the device using STMcube programmer, it shows only 0.03V as the voltage and when I try to debug it with a simple blinking application I get the following error


Memory Programming ...
Opening and parsing file: ST-LINK_GDB_server_a28076.srec
File : ST-LINK_GDB_server_a28076.srec
Size : 38.86 KB
Address : 0x08000000

Erasing memory corresponding to segment 0:
Erasing internal memory sectors [0 19]
Error: failed to erase memory

Error: failed to erase memory
Encountered Error when opening C:\ST\STM32CubeIDE_1.15.0\STM32CubeIDE\plugins\\tools\bin\STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe
Error in STM32CubeProgrammer
Shutting down...



Im trying to figure what I am doing wrong as my laptop does supply an un-snipped nucleo-144 with 3v3. I'm not sure if i'm missing a jumper (currently only have them on JP3 and JP5) or if i haven't connected the devices properly.