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Is an STM32 compatible with TDM8 ? And if yes, with 2 streams of TDM8 in and 2 of TDM8 out ? Or is there any other solution ?


Hello, I'm quite new to STM32 (although I've been looking at it for more than a year) and I'd like to use it for a project that has been going on for somthing like 2 years now. It's a digital audio mixer especially designed for portable use for movies.

Ideally, I'd need it to have 17 channels of audio in (one of them could use the internal ADC or a PDM microphone in, the audio quality is not really important).

And 18 channels of audio out.

So I was thinking about maybe having 2x TDM8 in, 1 chan PDM in and 2x TDM8 out plus one 2chan I2S audio out.

The sampling rate would be 48khz (96khz if possible but it's definitly not a requirement).

Internally, the main thing which would happened would be some routing between inputs and outputs and some volume on the tracks to start. Then, if it works, it would be time to add some dynamic processing and filtering.

Also there would be some audio analysis to trigger leds for volume feedback on the hardware and other ergonomic stuffs controlled by the processor. Obviously a lot happens on the analog side of things also.

But the main qustion remain. Is my TDM8 idea doable ? Or is there any other possibilities out there ?

The end product is supposed to be a really ergonomical audio mixer. I'm more a sound operator than an engineer myself. The ergonomics came first, now it's time to put everything in the box, and to figure out what to put in it.

For now, it should be a 10 or 12 channels audio mixer with both analog and AES EBU audio inputs, with 6 output busses (mono, or 3 stereo, or a mix of both), plus an headphone bus. It will also have 10 ISO outs, either on analog or digital.

One of the original feature of it will be to have both linear and rotating faders, while keeping it standard mixer-like.

Feel free to ask questions if you need more informations and thanks for your time.