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I want to read multi-channel adc in pooling mode with STM32f429I-DISC.

Associate II

I am using the IN0 and IN1 channel of the ADC1 peripheral. 4k7 potentiometer is connected to my inputs. 1 When I turn the pot of the channel, I see a very good reading. When I turn the pot of 2 channels, it becomes 0 between 0 and 1023 even though I turn the pot very little. When I turn it in the other direction, it becomes 1023. So I don't see a linear increase. What do you think is the problem?

Since I thought the problem was caused by the pot, I tried to connect the potentiometer of 1 channel to 2 channels. The result has not changed. Again I saw the same problem. I think something is wrong with my codes.