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I am using STM32G0 MCU in a new project. I would like to know if is possible to use a LPTIM in free running mode and read the counter value just like a time stamp. I intented to use the reading for measuring the time between two isrs. BR Gilberto

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Read the Reference Manual section on the LPTIM - you will find there all the info you need.


Have a look at IRQ self settle source file in this project which takes a snapshot when entering and learing an ISR using a timer, because DBG cycle counter resource is missing in cortex M0+

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Hi @GErma.1​ 

Indeed, you need to enable continuous mode as referenced in the reference manual and AN4865

The LPTIM output depends on the continuous comparison between the LPTIM counter and the LPTIM_CMP (or LPTIM_CCRx) values.

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