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which registers should I use to set to set the flag in the HRTIM_TIMxISR register 



O1STAT: Output 1 Status 
Output 1 was active



 I think this is a normal question, because I see a discrepancy between the documentation and the behavior of the microcontroller. we need the help of a specialist.


interrupts are set, when they happen, as in all other cpu also. so HRTIM_TIMxISR is read only.

you can CLEAR it, by setting bits in ->


where is the "discrepancy" in the documentation exactly ? show...

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you misunderstood me. I am trying to make PA9-PA11 into an active state. to check this state, I use the o HRTIM_TIMxISR register. I was asking what actions I should perform in order for PA11 or PA9 to become active and I could see in confirmation of this  


O1STAT: Output 1 Status 
Output 1 was active


all actions taken together from your documentation do not lead to this. I'm not getting the result I should be getting. this means that the behavior of the microcontroller does not correspond to what is described in the documentation



for example, I'm trying to get PA9 to the active state in the simplest way. for example, an excerpt. in the register

HRTIM_SETx1R// the address is calculated 400175BC
HRTIM_ODISR //0x40017918

I'm setting the bit

Bit 0 SST: Software Set trigger
This bit forces the output to its active state. This bit can only be set by software and is reset by

according to your documentation, I would have to take in the registerthis should be an indicator here

or would there have to be changes in the register

HRTIM_ODISR //0x40017918

but there is no reflection of this action anywhere. and PA9 is also not in an active state.