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How to program STUSB4500 using NUCLEO STM32L4R5ZI?


We are using STUSB4500 in our custom board, as we are not having STM32F072RB Nucleo board with us we are using STM32L4R5ZI nucleo board which is available.

I have downloaded STSW-STUSB004 for customizing the available library.

I have STSW-STUSB004 opened the project in IAR workbench and chosen the STM32L4R5ZI as the device to be ported.

After doing this still I am seeing the STM32F072RB device files only in the project.

So, please help me in porting the library properly and to program the STUSB4500 through I2C using STM32L4R5ZI.

Gregory Go.
Senior II


There is a similar question here:

The STSW-STUSB004 firmware needs to be ported to your version of STM32.

But it is not sufficient to change the CPU selection in IAR project, you also need to use the proper STM32 libraries matching your chip version.

The simplest way to create a new project for your specific version of STM32L is to use STM32CubeMX tool, and then import the files for STUSB4500 NVM:


- main.c