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How can I fix ,,Searching for COM5...Can't open COM5, failed uploading: exit status 1.

Hi everyone,

I have an STM32F103C8 and I want to programm it form Arduino IDE app.The board is booted and all neded addons are already installed from the board manager. Although when I upload the code the app gives this error:

0693W00000Y9N4KQAV.pngI've also tried with the USB to TTL device, but it's the same result. Is there any way to fix that problem?

ST Employee

Hello @Пре�?лав Колев and welcome to the Community 🙂

You have to check your connections, and make sure the cable and board are properly connected.

Check that you've selected the right board in Tools > Board and you've selected the right port in Tools > Port.

Try a different USB cable, different board to make sure that you are using the working one.


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