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How can i drive&control 36 RGB LED?

Associate III

I have a project. I have 13 button and these buttons control to leds. For example when i click first button, first led will be on (also when i click again, it will be off). So microcontroller need to knows everything about it. But how can i control these leds? Because i need 36*3 io pins (RGB). Also after i need to control brightness of all leds with dimmer.


(Do you have any IC suggestions for leds control & leds pwm control?)

Muhammed Güler
Senior III

you can use TLC59711 for LED driving. its also chainable IC

Senior III

Or you can use digital RGB LED as WS2812D.

ST Employee

There are many LED drivers also from STMicroelectronics, e.g.:

Of course, the exact type depends on several factors, e.g. how you want to control the LEDs (I2C, SPI, etc). With RGB LEDs you will certainly only switch one LED per channel, so you should be able to get by with one LED driver for 5V.

Good luck!



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Lead II

WS2812B LEDs are easy to buy and easy to use. Need only a SPI + DMA because of timing constraint: