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Can we capture image from camera in RGB888 format using STM32F4DIS-CAM on STM32F746NG target board?


I am using STM32F746NG(DISCO_F746NG) with camera(STM32F4DIS-CAM) to capture images by using this driver.

Currently this camera gives image in RGB565 format ans we are converting it in RGB888 in code. This requires memory, so to avoid conversion and save memory on board we need image in RGB888 format.

We are using functions to capture image from camera :-

1) BSP_CAMERA_Init(resolution) ---> resolution is 160*120

2) BSP_CAMERA_SnapshotStart(output_camera_buffer) ---> output_camera_buffer is in RGB565 format

Both functions are in this C file :-

We are converting RGB565 to RGB888 using resize_rgb565in_rgb888out() given in file


Can anybody suggest some solution?